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Dr. Stacy Pipes-Joyner

Office: 951-420-4651


I’m Dr. Stacy, a California native who is deeply passionate about mental health and wellness. My life’s work is centered around unaddressed childhood trauma, domestic violence and abuse, and the emotional damage it leaves in its wake. My work in trauma stems from my own life experiences. I grew up as a preacher’s kid in one of the toughest neighborhoods Los Angeles. At the age of five, I was a victim of childhood trauma and abuse; and during my early adult years, was in an abusive relationship that almost cost me my life. My emotional recovery was a painful process, one that took several years of therapy and self-repair before finding true healing and purpose. But out of my own pain and suffering came the desire to help others who have endured their own traumatic experiences.


I began my social work career at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. For 12 years, I served on the front lines as a staunch advocate for one of the country’s most vulnerable populations. While working full-time, I earned both my Masters and Doctoral degrees in Social Work from the University of Southern California, where my focus of study was Ensuring the Healthy Development of all Youth. I created a personal development course for middle and high school students that aids in discovering who they are and who they wish to become in the future. I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Classical Vocal Performance at The Ohio State University. Through my deep love and passion for the performing arts, I also created a mental health program that utilizes Creative Arts Therapy, which I use in my practice.


As a survivor of trauma and abuse, I know firsthand the pain of going through this life broken; what it feels like to maneuver through a mind field of emotions trying to avoid triggering an unwelcomed response.  I understand the need to tell ourselves “we’re okay” when our bodies say otherwise. I know the silent screams and burning tears, and what it looks like when we finally outgrow our emotional compartments. Please know that I see you, that I BELIEVE you and that I am here for you. 


If you are ready to finally come to terms with the past, to honor and bring to light all that is good in the present, and to pave the way for a much better future, then let’s get to work!

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