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Personal Development


Endeavor offers a curriculum-based program that is designed to aid clients in their journey to personal growth and development. Our curriculum teaches clients how to define who they are as individuals, to identify their skills and abilities, and to match their interests with potential careers. Through a series of fun and interactive activities, clients will learn the skills and techniques needed to become productive and impactful members of society. Our goal is to ensure that every client is prepared for whatever life path they choose.

Self Identity

Working from Home

The pandemic forced the entire world into a state of introspection. One of the unintended consequences of being home bound for many of us was pondering our work/life balance and how fulfilled we are in our current careers.  Maybe you are one of the many MILLIONS of people who have decided that you are ready to take the leap into something new, but have no clue where or how to begin. The Self-Identity course is the first step in discovering your next career, by first getting to know who you are.


Through coaching, various computer activities and written exercises the participants will gain a better understanding about their individual personality types, learning styles, proper brain function, how to navigate through emotional and mental challenges and learn effective ways to express their thoughts and feelings to others.

Life Skills

Business Colleagues

After laying the foundation of Self-Identity, clients will begin to plan their  goals for the future. Through various exercises, clients will match their personality styles and interests with potential careers, and create a “game plan” for achieving their long-term goals. Clients will also learn essential life skills such as, job searching, resume writing and interviewing, networking, entrepreneurship & marketing and much more.

Services & Pricing

One On One Coaching

Course includes:

Weekly Virtual Instruction

Curriculum Workbook

Interactive Journal

Personality and Career Assessments

Access to Career building Resources

One-on-One coaching for ages 12 and up.

9 month course: $600*


  *Cash Payment only. Payment Plans Available*

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